Here’s How Weight Loss Works: The Flat Belly Fix Review

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Flat Belly Fix


Before you start changing the size of your waistline you first have to change the thinking in your head. If you are determined and committed to losing weight and you have the ‘whatever it takes’ attitude then flat belly fix is not beyond you. You just need to pay close attention to what I going to tell you in this article about the “Fat Belly Fix Review”.


This is not the latest fad diet where you’re instructed to eat nothing but carrots and tomatoes all day or eat a pound of bacon putting your system into an unhealthy chemical imbalance. And besides, it’s not a permanent solution to your weight problem. This is just plain common sense that, if you do the deal, you will lose from 1 to 2 pounds a week and keep it off.


This is all about meal replacements. Now you might say, ‘Great, I can just eat a bigger steak or the equivalent. While it’s true that you get protein from meat, you also get some other undesirable things like fat and cholesterol. But even without those bad things, you couldn’t get the number of nutrients you really need.


Some people will say, ‘I’ll just cut back on my favourite foods and watch what I eat. The problem with this approach is you get even less protein and you sacrifice getting the vitamins and minerals you need. Research studies have shown that cutting back on your favourite foods is the least effective way to lose weight.


So what’s the answer? Research has shown that one of the most effective ways to lose weight is with a meal replacement. Why does this work so well? Because your body burns calories at the rate of 13.7 calories per pound of lean body mass whereas it only burns 3 calories per pound of fat. Increasing your protein intake will build your lean body mass and stoke the furnace to burn more calories.


Flat Belly


Here’s How The Flat Belly Fix Review Works


If you eat the same number of calories that you burn, your weight won’t change.


If you eat fewer calories than you burn and if that is 500 calories fewer then you’ll lose approximate 1 to 2 pounds a week. Since the calories from the food you eat are less than the calories you burn, your body has to make up the difference from somewhere. That ‘somewhere’ is your body fat. So if you eat only 250 calories less than what you burn you’ll lose about ½ pounds per week and if you eat 1000 calories less you’ll be losing 2 – 3 pounds a week.


The key to healthy weight loss is to make sure that you’re getting the maximum nutritional benefit from the food you do eat and you want those foods to be enjoyable. The two things that will derail a weight loss program fast are hunger and eating foods you don’t like.


Learn how to:

  • elevate your levels of “The Master Fat Burning Hormone” by 1300% in women and 2000% in men so your body becomes a raging fat-burning furnace every night… burning away unwanted fat while you sleep without even having to set FOOT in a gym.
  • The “White Fat Fuel” secret that forces your body to stop feasting on sugar as your primary energy source and has your body and cells gobbling up your white fat like pudding so only your lean, beneficial brown fat remains…


This secret “Flat Belly Secret” recipe will give you the nourishment you need along with vitamins and minerals. They’re tasty and if you make them properly you won’t experience diet killing hunger.


Do you want to learn more about how to lose weight with this “Flat Belly” secret recipe?

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